The Band

Jeremy Rochman: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Seamus Coyle: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Oden Curry: Bass, Vocals
Miles Rochman: Drums, Vocals

Playing Since 2014


Anemic Royalty – 2018, EP

Fire + Ice – 2017, single

Better Hands – 2017, single

Baby Fang – 2015, ep

  • Soul Rope
  • Welcome to Utopia
  • Actress
  • Stoned and Alone


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Press Hits:

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  • LEO Weekly: “Anemic Royalty plays driving hard rock, but they also have an angular, indie-side, making them an anthemic band with range. Their recently-released record is Spotify generation rock and roll, made by a band that seems raised on the rock gods but well informed about the entire tree of music launched by the electric guitar”.

Track Art for Anemic Royalty – Jonas Wilson

Track Art for ‘Better Hands’ – Jonas Wilson



Anemic Royalty is a garage rock band from Louisville Kentucky. Since their formation in 2014 these guys have been hanging out in basements, backyards, dismantled minivans, music festivals, and rock clubs, writing and performing loud melodic hook-laden rock songs.

In 2013 two shaggy haired weirdos from Highland Middle school, Jeremy Rochman (Vox/guitar) and Seamus Coyle (Guitar/vox) who didn’t know much about anything discovered a mutual unconditional love for guitars and Green Day. Apparently that was enough because after a couple of out of tune jam sessions in the basement they decided to start their first band Sucker Punch. After playing a couple birthday parties and lock-ins worth of Nirvana and Foo Fighters covers, Jeremy’s buddy Oden rang up and said “yo I just got this bass for Christmas can a come jam?” And then there were three. Miles was the last to join. It was weird because he didn’t practice, he just somehow just could play the drums one day…. and that became Anemic Royalty.

Their first year they played shows wherever they could. Street festivals, birthday parties, the basement and about a year or so in, they went into the studio to record their first demo “Baby Fang”. Following that release they began playing more shows and writing more songs and hanging out in more basements and minivans and finally it was time to start their new project. To do this the way they wanted, they started working with musician and producer Extraordinaire Scott Carney and beast behind the mixing board Dave Chale. The basic tracks came quickly… then after months of work, more tracking, raising funds, mixing, and tweaking, they released their first single “Better Hands” and a little while later the second “Fire + Ice”. The record, Anemic Royalty, was released March 31st 2018.

Where are they now, they are playing among us, a-lot, as much as they can… see you at the show!

Photos Credit Chelsea Graf